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Kamikaze Collection’s flagship ENREI Coat is a two-step system that fully embraces the art of application in the performance of the coating and as a result, along with ZIPANG are available only as a service through trained certified detailers. 


ENREI COAT is the latest innovative coating from Kamikaze Collection and is only available to Kamikaze Collection certified detailers.


It is a unique formula consisting of two layers which when combined form the ultimate in protection of your vehicle’s paintwork.


The initial layer acts as a primer, penetrating the microscopic pores in the paint’s lacquer to form a secure bond whilst presenting an increased surface area for the topcoat to bond to.


The second layer provides an extremely tough, resistant hydrophobic barrier that repels dirt, salt, water and oils.


ENREI is resistant to extremes of pH, making it the ideal solution to the unique conditions presented by winter and summer driving. As an added bonus ENREI enhances the finish of the paintwork considerably, leaving an outstanding shine.


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