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The Phoenix Rebirth Detail is a combination of our major correction detail and our full ceramic protection package inside and out.  


The vehicle will undergo as many correcting stages as required to safely remove most, if not all, defects with a 95-99% removal rate. 


Various techniques will be carried out, including wet sanding (if needed) on deeper scratches, bird etchings.


  • Wheels, calipers, arches and tyres deep cleaned

  • A pH neutral snow foam is applied and left to dwell

  • Window rubbers, badges, gaps and fuel flap cleaned with APC and a detailing brush

  • Thorough pressure rinse down

  • Vehicle washed safely using the two-bucket method and pH neutral shampoo

  • Tar spots, iron filings and bonded contaminants, including sap and industrial fallout, are removed with specific solvents and a clay bar treatment

  • Final rinse down

  • Blow dried and microfiber towel dried


  • Multiple cutting compound stages carried out to remove as many defects as safely possible

  • Deeper scratches and defects are carefully removed by wet sanding, ensuring the integrity of the clear coat is not compromised by using accurate paint depth gauge readings

  • A refining polish is carried out to remove any cutting stage machine marring and to increase clarity, depth and gloss


  • Ceramic coating applied to wheels, paintwork, trim and glass

  • Plastics and wheel arches ceramic coated

  • Tyres dressed

  • Exhaust tips polished and coated​

  • Interior detail carried out, leather and plastics coated


  • Final wipe down with ceramic spray sealant, followed by a full inspection, ensuring job perfection



  • Ceramic Coating

  • Wheels Ceramic Coating

  • Window Coating

  • Interior deep clean (leather & shampoo)

  • Interior Protection

twat polishing.
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