The Phoenix Aftercare Maintenance plan is our recommended treatment for cars that have received one of our detailing packages. 


This can be either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Whatever suits your needs.


Providing safe wash methods and pH neutral products, to ensure absolutely no imperfections are implemented throughout the wash stages.

This is also perfect if you are just looking to have that clean vehicle on a regular basis.


  • Wheels, calipers, arches and tyres deep cleaned

  • Wheel arches and tyres are scrubbed and cleaned with a safe degreaser and various brushes

  • A pH neutral snow foam is applied and left to dwell

  • Thorough pressure rinse down

  • Vehicle washed safely using the two-bucket method and pH neutral shampoo​

  • Final rinse down

  • Blow dried and microfiber towel dried

  • Tyres dressed​

  • Interior valet

  • Final wipe down with ceramic spray sealant.

From £50, the quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size and condition.

SvJ foam.jpg



  • Interior deep clean (leather & fabric cleanse) £70

  • Interior Protection £50

  • Convertible hood (cleanse & protect) £70