The Phoenix Revive Detail is our take on a single stage enhancement detail. 


Designed to add depth, clarity and gloss back into the paintwork at an affordable rate. Along with a ceramic coating that is affordable for everyone.


Achieving great results that boasts the ceramic finish with minimal expense and time required.



  • Wheels, calipers, arches and tyres deep cleaned

  • Wheel arches and tyres are scrubbed and cleaned with a safe degreaser and various brushes

  • A pH neutral snow foam is applied and left to dwell

  • Window rubbers, badges, gaps and fuel flap cleaned with APC and a detailing brush

  • Thorough pressure rinse down

  • Vehicle washed safely using the two-bucket method and pH neutral shampoo

  • Tar spots, iron filings and bonded contaminants, including sap and industrial fall out  are removed with specific solvents and a Clay Bar treatment

  • Final rinse down

  • Blow dried and microfiber towel dried


  • Single stage refine polish to add depth, clarity and gloss back into the paintwork while also removing minor imperfections.


  • Ceramic coating applied to paintwork (included in price)

  • Tyres dressed

  • Exhaust tips polished


  • Final wipe down with ceramic spray sealant.

  • Interior valet

From £300, the quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size and condition.


  • Upgrade to premium certified only Ceramic Coating £300+

  • Wheels Ceramic Coating £50 (on car), £150 (off car)

  • Window Coating £50


  • Basic interior valet £25

  • Interior deep clean (leather & fabric cleanse) £70

  • Interior Protection £50

  • Convertible roof (cleanse & protect) £70