The Phoenix Full Paint Correction detail delivers near-perfect paintwork.

Sometimes 100% correction isn’t always possible; compromise has to be made on areas with low levels of clear coat.


Also, as a general rule, scratches that you can ‘feel’ with your fingernail will require a re-paint. However we can visibly reduce them by ‘rounding off’ the edges with correct machine techniques.


The vehicle will undergo multiple correction stages as required to safely remove most, if not all, defects within a 95% correction rate. 



  • Upgrade to premium certified only Ceramic Coating £300+

  • Wheels Ceramic Coating £50 (on car), £150 (off car)

  • Window Coating £50


  • Basic interior valet £25

  • Interior deep clean (leather & fabric cleanse) £70

  • Interior Protection £50

  • Convertible roof (cleanse & protect) £70


  • Wheels, calipers, arches and tyres deep cleaned

  • Wheel arches and tyres are scrubbed and cleaned with a safe degreaser and various brushes

  • A pH neutral snow foam is applied and left to dwell

  • Window rubbers, badges, gaps and fuel flap cleaned with APC and a detailing brush

  • Thorough pressure rinse down

  • Vehicle washed safely using the two-bucket method and pH neutral shampoo

  • Tar spots, iron filings and bonded contaminants, including sap and industrial fall out  are removed with specific solvents and a Clay Bar treatment

  • Final rinse down

  • Blow dried and microfiber towel dried


  • Multiple cutting polish stages carried out to remove as many defects as safely possible

  • Deeper scratches and defects are carefully removed by wet sanding, ensuring the integrity of the clear coat is not compromised by using accurate paint depth gauge readings

  • A refining polish is carried out to remove any cutting stage machine marring and to increase clarity and gloss


  • Ceramic Coating applied to paintwork, wheels, trim and glass​ (if selected)

  • Tyres dressed

  • Exhaust tips polished and protected


  • Final wipe down with ceramic spray sealant.

 From £600, the quote may vary depending on vehicles’ size and condition.